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Tag - bearded men

The Hidden Health Benefits Your Beard Provides

Beard Care, Self Care

Beards look awesome, but hey, you didn’t need us to tell you that, what you possibly didn’t know is that there are a few hidden benefits your beard provides that goes a little further than looking great whilst you wield…

Why Are Bearded Men Better Lovers?


If you are supporting the bearded community and are the proud owner of facial hair, you are one step ahead in the relationship department. It has been proven that a bearded man makes for a greater lovers, compared…

Why Bearded Men Are More Confident


Three-quarters of American men report feeling more confident with facial hair, according to a survey conducted by OnePoll. However, while many may associate the beard with attractiveness and good looks or as a symbol of masculinity, the question as to why…

Why Are Bearded Men Healthier?

Beard Care

Long and short, thick and thin… Beards are coming back to fashion. Indeed, more and more men crave for having a healthy-looking, beautiful beard. It makes them look more masculine and handsome, they reckon. But does a beard…