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Tag - Beard Style

What Kind of Message Your Beard Transmits


From the infamous bearded lady to the iconic beard which accompanies just about everyone’s idea of a lumberjack – nothing demonstrates masculinity quite like a thick, grizzly beard. While some men choose to go for a clean shave, others…

Why Your Beard And Ink Makes You More Attractive To Women?


Men with beards and tattoos have an advantage when it comes to dating. A 2015 study at the University of Western Australia researching the markers used by primates to stand above the competition found that consciousness has not elevated humans…

Why Bearded Men Are More Confident


Three-quarters of American men report feeling more confident with facial hair, according to a survey conducted by OnePoll. However, while many may associate the beard with attractiveness and good looks or as a symbol of masculinity, the question as to why…