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Best Mutton Chops Beard Styles

beard Style

Mutton chops are an exciting beard style that make the most of your sideburns, an otherwise underappreciated part of your facial hair. Also known as a lamb chops beard or pork chop sideburns, the mutton chops beard connects…

How To Straighten Your Curly Beard?

Beard Care

If you’ve been wondering how to straighten your beard, you’re not alone. For some men, a long curly beard is something to be proud of; for others, straightening their beard hair is a must. The fact is that…

How To Make Your Beard Soft, Healthy & Shiny?

Beard Care

One of the most common questions guys with facial hair have is how to make your beard soft. There are plenty of men out there who think that having a dry, rough beard is a given. But the…

Why Is Important To Pick The Right Grooming Tools?

Self Care

If you happen to care about your general appearance, then grooming should take a central role in your daily undertaking. You need to make sure that you have the correct grooming tools to maximise your routine. While standing…

A Bearded Man Care Guide

Beard Care

Richard Biedul gives good beard. So good in fact, that he’s one of the ‘Money Guys’ on Models.com – the fashion industry’s ultimate list of ridiculously good looking, high earning individuals who continually bank major campaigns. The hirsute chin of…