Moustache Wax

  • Moustache Grooming Wax
  • Pleasant Scent
  • Providing A Strong Hold without Leaving A White Residue Behind
  • You Only Need A Small Amount to Mold Your Mustache in Any Direction Desired.
  • The 1 oz tin is Thin Enough to Keep in Your Pocket All Day And Has A Screw Cap to Prevent Damage to The Product.

$12.00 $7.00


The Purest Ingredients and Added Natural, Hydroxide Free Vitamins and Proteins into Our Products that Have Been Ethically Sourced so What You Receive is The Best in the Market.


 We Mix the Best of Ingredients, Shea Butter to Help Lock in Moisture , Cocoa Butter to Help Beat the Frizz and Lock in the Colour, Beeswax to Keep It All Together, Wheat Germ Oil to Strengthen the Hair and Special Blend of Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils.


To Apply Use the Back of Your Thumb and Use the Back of Your Finger Nail to Scrape A Bit off. Place Between Your Fingers and Rub, Till It Goes Soft and Then Pop Into Your Beard and Style Accordingly.


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