Beard Duster Brush

  • Brush Hair is 100% Bristles, Which is Soft and Natural
  • Remove Dust Effectively
  • Make the Arched Beard Skin Smooth
  • Distribute Oil and Mustache Wax Evenly



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When it is carded, the beard is meshed with the scalp scales of the mane. It can remove dust effectively and make the arched beard skin smooth.

The use of mustache oil and mustache wax can evenly distribute nutrients and expand the area of nutrient distribution.

Brush facial hair and beard, massage the head to stimulate the skin under the beard, stimulate the sweat glands, hair follicles, promote the circulation of the hair and improve the texture of the hair

Brush handle material is beech wood, beech wood is thick, strong, impact resistant, and clear texture – resistant to fall, beautiful.

Size: 65*38mm/2.55*1.49”

Package Includes:

1 x Beard Duster Brush


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