The Bandholz

As worn by Charles Darwin

It’s fitting that the beard adopted by hipsters circa 2011 – the big bushy lumberjack beard that represents raw, primal, caveman-style masculinity – was worn by the father of evolution himself, Charles Darwin.

As legend has it, Darwin grew the beard to hide away from his new found fame – which backfired when it became one of the most famous facial bushes in the history of mankind. The modern version of the beard is named after Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand and proponent of the “urban beardsman lifestyle”.

The Verdi

As worn by Pierce Brosnan

The premise is simple – a full, lengthy beard with a detached moustache. But the ‘tache sound be impeccably styled, usually flicked up and either end or given the full old school strongman curls.

“Beard oil is a must for this,” says Chapman. And much like the similarly historical Van Dyke, the Verdi is another recommended style for men who struggle joining it all together. “This look will give you a strong jawline,” says Chapman, “but is also great if you have weak growth connecting moustache to beard, which is very common.”

The Dutch

As worn by Abraham Lincoln

This old timer of a beard is almost inseparable from its most iconic wearer, Honest Abe Lincoln (plus the Amish, who have stuck to their guns on this style, long after it went out of fashion).

It’s essentially a full beard without the moustache. As a striking, distinctive style – and one that’s considered quite old fashioned – it’s not for everyone. But it does have some benefits, especially for the man afflicted with a terminal case of weak chin.

The Yeard

As worn by Brad Pitt

In this age of reclaimed masculinity – measured most commonly by the length and glory of one’s facial hair – it’s also become unexpectedly on-trend. But don’t worry about having the right face shape. “With this look you won’t have much face left to see!”

This one is important to wash properly, with the build up of bacteria, dead skin, and oil can amass in such a beardy, well, mass – it will also keep your year looking healthy and shiny. Choose a shampoo that uses essential oils, for the skin beneath all that hair, and is free of parabens, artificial scents or colouring. It’s what Gandalf would do.

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