The Full Beard

As worn by Jake Gyllenhaal

Truly the daddy of beards. A straight-up, no-nonsense look, and the pride of men who can’t be bothered to shave. And that’s exactly the point. The unkempt beard isn’t so much an exercise in style as it is an exercise in not being arsed.

Or at least, that’s how it looks. With a little care and attention, the full beard can be a bastion of rugged manliness. It’s also a beard that suits every face shape and every personality. Think Tom Hardy at his wildest or Jared Leto going full Jesus. Occupying the sweet spot in the middle is Jake Gyllenhaal, whose look is easy to copy.

To condition and nourish your beard, wait until after you’ve dried after showering so the hairs are soft, drop a few drops of a good quality oil into your hands, brush the oil into the sides of your beard, down the front, through the hairs with your fingers, then comb the hair to distribute the oil for good measure.

The Van Dyke

As worn by Johnny Depp

This type of beard is steeped in history – and we mean real history, not Pirates of the Caribbean history, even if Johnny Depp is the style’s most famous modern-day wearer. It was originated by Flemish artist Anthony van Dyck (hence the name) but later adopted by King Charles I, General Custer and fried chicken legend Colonel Sanders.

A simple moustache and goatee combo, the pointier the better, this beard also speaks to an uncomfortable truth about men: not all of us can grow thick facial hair. Many men know the shame of patchy beards and weak connecting lines between the beard and ‘tache. Even full bearded blokes can struggle in these areas. The Van Dyke is a facial hair style that works for the less-than-hirsute gentleman.

The Full Goatee

As worn by Dwayne Johnson

It’s the textbook beard of the mid-life crisis, so make sure you have the type of face that wears it well. It tends to be unflattering on round or chubbier faces, but will nicely accentuate strong cheekbones and sleek, angular faces.

It’s also versatile, depending on length and thickness, ranging to impeccably groomed to joyously scruffy. But the basic shape should be easy to master. “Goatees are easy to maintain,” says Champman. “Trimmers are needed to keep the edges sharp and a simple wet shave for the rest of the face.”

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