If you want a masculine look, then you’ll want to embrace a short beard. Growing short facial hair isn’t difficult, and there are plenty of rugged short beard styles worth trimming. Easy to maintain and sexy for men to wear on all occasions, grooming the perfect beard is something worth considering. If you want a cool style, check out the best short beards to trim right now!

Short Boxed Beard

This shorter version of a traditional beard is less than a full inch in length. It offers a masculine look that is great during the summer and versatile enough to appeal in a variety of situations. As discussed by the style experts at Men’s Hairstyles Today, the short boxed beard works with many different hairstyles, including a shaved head. If you have curly facial hair, consider using a top-rated beard straightener to style the look you want.

If the workplace requires a well-kept beard, this style is short enough to maintain while long enough to provide a textured look. The boxed beard covers a large portion of the bottom half of the face and has a mustache. With a lower cheek line, it will bring out the cheeks.

The Balbo

The Balbo is another great choice for men who have a bit of patchiness around their lips and jawline. It’s a two-part beard containing a detached mustache from a goatee. The beard typically wraps around the entire jaw and connects to the sideburns as well. Some faces you might feel look familiar with this beard are Justin Timberlake or Robert Downey Jr.

Van Dyke Beard

This short beard style comes from the famous Painter Anthony van Dyke. In the 17th century, he donned this attractive look consisting of a classy goatee, soul patch, and mustache. In the modern world, we recognize this beard from people like Johnny Depp, but it’s an excellent choice for someone with patchy growth, which may not be able to grow a full goatee. Make sure to keep the jaw area well-trimmed and consider using beard oil to help fill in any gaps or spaces.

Royal Beard

This beard style is similar to the Van Dyke, but it provides a bit more of a distinguished look. It combines both elements of a chin strap and a mustache. The chin strap runs down the chin, and the wearer has the choice of making it as thin or full as they like. Ensure that neither the mustache nor the chin strap vary too much in length because they should both be even. This clean-cut and masculine trim looks great on both young and older men who may not have the ability to grow a full beard.


Refer to Mission Impossible to gain an understanding of the perfect beardstache. The good news is, you don’t need to be a movie or rock star to call upon a sexy and unique beard style. As a revised version of the short boxed beard, the cheeks, chin, and jaw are trimmed more than the mustache. The result of the beardstache is a mustache that stands out from the rest of the beard. The wearer of this style has the choice of how much more defined they prefer the mustache over the beard.

Classic Mustache

A mustache will fit most men, and even if the facial hair is patchy and faint, you’ll still be able to wear a classic moustache style for years to come. It’s a modest appearance with natural hair growth on your upper lip. The mustache requires wearers to shave the cheeks, jaw, and neck nice and clean so the mustache stands on its own. The ‘stache is universal and everlasting.

Chin Strap Beard

If a chiseled jawline is desired, but there are struggles in growing a thick beard, the chin strap beard is a great solution. It extends from one sideburn to the next without a mustache or connection to a goatee. Instead, the entire beard is a strip that runs under the chin without a soul patch. Many people wear it differently, and some allow the hair to come up onto the chin a bit, but it should only be a little.


Freddie Mercury will forever rock the Chevron mustache, and this one stands out quite a bit more than the classic. If you’re looking for something that makes a statement and shows that you’re a fashionable man with taste, you’ll wear the Chevron with pride.

This mustache covers all of the upper lip with full-thickness and a natural appearance. The hair must angle down towards the end on both sides, and the rest of the face should be clean-shaven. Look back to the ‘80s and remember when everyone wore this facial hair with a hairspray coated quiff.


The goatee is something that will never go out of fashion. It’s a short beard style where the mustache joins the beard on both sides, and the beard extends to cover the chin from the bottom lip. When trimming and designing a goatee, make sure to start larger and work your way down to find the right width that works for your shape.

Short Shaggy Beard

For an edgy and daring look, the short shaggy beard works best for men with uneven growth and patchiness. The additional length is forgiving and allows the wearer to make up for the imperfections in their beard. One important thing to remember is that shaggy does not mean messy. Trim the beard regularly and maintain even length at all times.


Stubble Beard

The stubble is the perfect balance between rugged and classy. When done properly, the wearer can make themselves look rough and tough while still maintaining a professional and handsome appearance. The 3-day stubble works great with all hairstyles and most jaw types.