Long Beard

A long beard, also known as a full beard, is a type of facial hair style that stands out as impressive and epic. To progress from a medium length to long facial hair, your beard has to grow for at least 6 months. These long beard styles have been popular in recent years and require regular care, maintenance and grooming.

Who Should Style A Long Beard?

It goes without saying, but your growth has to be on another level to pull off a long beard. Shape-wise, it’s a lot easier to style a long beard if you have the right face shape. Even with the right look and facial features, most men won’t grow their beard this long because it isn’t the most professional look for business.

If you have the freedom to experiment with a long beard style, we highly recommend you try. When styling, you’ll want to straighten your beard with brushing to keep a nice shape.

Currently, there’s a trend of bald and balding guys swapping the hair on their heads for facial hair. If your hairstyle is thinning, a long beard is a powerful way to incorporate texture for a masculine style. Plus, it’s a focal point that turns attention away from your head.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Long Beard?

On average, most men can start to grow a long beard in 6 months. Depending on how long you want your beard to be, it can take 12 to 24 months to achieve your desired length. Given a growth rate of half an inch per month, you will have a 3 inch beard in 6 months, a 6 inch beard in a year, and a 12 inch beard in 2 years. However, most guys tend to have stunted hair growth after the first year, so achieving an epic beard can take longer.

How To Trim A Long Beard

Your beard trimmer will only be used to clean up the neckline, around the cheeks, and maybe fade your sideburns into your facial hair. Otherwise, you’ll want to use scissors and a comb. How long your beard should be is ultimately determined by your desired style.

You can cut, taper and trim a longer beard length to fit your look. Still, long beards are generally at least 6 to 8cm before you can begin to call it a full beard.

How To Maintain A Long Beard

A long beard will get dirty, which is why you must apply shampoo to cleanse and conditioner to moisturize regularly. In addition to regularly washing and conditioning, your beard will need to be brushed and straightened. A well-kept longer beard is especially important for professional men.

While brushing, you will need to apply beard oil and comb it through so it penetrates deep and reaches your skin underneath. Oil gets rid of an itchy beard caused by dry skin. Finish off by styling with wax to create the shape you want for the perfect beard.