The Van Dyke beard is one of the most popular beard styles for men. By pairing a goatee with a mustache, the Van Dyke beard style creates classic, masculine facial hair. If you’re curious about the style and want to learn how to grow, trim and shape your Van Dyke goatee and mustache, here’s everything you need to know about getting the look.

The modern Van Dyke comes with a mustache that varies in size and thickness, although the classic beard style involved designing curls into the mustache. In fact, the Van Dyke beard tends to look more hipster and cool now as a short beard. If you’re interested in growing the Van Dyke beard, it’s easier to do than you might think. Beard growth simply takes a little patience and commitment.

  1. To get started, you’ll want to grow your facial hair out (including the hair on your upper lip) until it is at least an inch long. As you grow your beard thicker and longer, start to use a good beard shampoo and conditioner. You’ll want to have a full beard all over your face.
  2. Determine how long you want your mustache to extend. On average, most guys allow about 3/4 of an inch of hair to each side of their lips.
  3. Shave the rest of your facial hair on your cheeks completely bare, leaving only a mustache, soul patch and long pointy chin beard.

You can slowly shape the Van Dyke beard style as your hair grows, or you can leave the full beard until you are ready to trim your hair down to the specific design.

For the former, continue to shave the sides and keep your mustache trimmed. As the weeks go by, you will start to see your style take shape, and you will need to invest in the right tools for maintaining your new beard.

Beard Care Products You Should Use

If you want to get the Van Dyke beard, you’ll need to have good beard care products. Here are some of the best beard grooming products on the market.

To stimulate growth and maintain a healthy, shiny, and soft beard, we highly recommend a combination of these beard products for men! A simple solution may be a top-rated beard grooming kit.

How To Shave and Shape The Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke beard does require a bit of maintenance, but fortunately, a good beard trimmer can make grooming and shaping your facial hair quick and easy.

After you grow your Van Dyke, you will need to keep it trimmed to an ideal length. To highlight your beard style, keep the hair on your neck and cheek short, although guys have the option of leaving stubble or going clean-shaven. Also, trimming hairs with a machine before shaving with a razor and cream can minimize pulling.

You may choose to keep your mustache short, but some men grow them out at the ends to add flair. If necessary, use scissors to cut stray strands.

However, once a week, depending on how fast your beard grows, you’ll need to use a trimmer with a comb and clean up your mustache and goatee. For the old school version, make sure to gradually fade the chin beard as you get closer to the middle of your mouth, leaving this area the longest.

The end result should be a beard that resembles an imperial goatee and mustache.

Ultimate, learning how to grow, shave and groom a Van Dyke beard isn’t tough. With the right care and styling tools, it’s actually one of the simplest and coolest beard styles to get.