Braided Beard Styles

Long Braided Beard

If you’re lucky enough to grow a long beard, you can braid your facial hair in many ways, including a single long braid, two woven strands, a ponytail with a tie and twisted beard hair. While some guys like plaiting the entire beard, others prefer small braids and designs throughout with beads, rings, or colorful strings.

Maintaining a long braided beard can be a challenge, but the style is worth it. You’ll need good beard care products to make sure your facial hair stays healthy, straight, and neat. We recommend you consistently use beard oils and balms to nourish and encourage growth. Guys will also want to undo their braids and untangle their hairs every once in awhile.

Short Braided Beard

Your beard doesn’t have to be very long for you to be able to braid it. As long as you have a few inches to work with and good hand-eye coordination, you can braid a short beard. Whether you want a beard bun, ponytail, wizard twirl, or classic Viking aesthetic, guys with short beards are well suited.

These styles can be easy to achieve and can keep your beard well-groomed. As long as you have thick or full facial hair to make at least a couple of weaves, you can opt for a very short braid. Tighten it well and you’ll be graciously accepting compliments in no time.

Viking Beard Braid

The Viking beard braid has been around for centuries and is the epitome of masculine badass. Back in the day, the Vikings used to braid their beards to keep their facial hair from getting in the way during battle. In recent years, Viking beard braid styles are worn by confident alpha males who want to show off their cool facial hair.Versatile and effortlessly stylish, Viking beards fit men of all face shapes and hairstyles, but the style can be complementary to a top knot, ponytail or man bun. While the most popular version comes with tight braids and beards or rubber bands at the end, we recommend you watch the popular TV show Vikings for inspiration. Ragnar’s facial hair is always fresh and on-trend.

Braided Goatee

For guys who want a clean look, consider getting a braided goatee. From a simple single strand like a ponytail to two sections of hair, a braided goatee beard will look good while still highlighting your facial features. If you have great cheekbones or a defined jaw, don’t hide them away. The style particularly suits men with round faces, since it creates the illusion of a more angular chin.

Braided Chin Beard

For a scruffy look, braid only a strand at the center of your chin to create a cool braided chin beard. While you can still have a full beard in the background, the style won’t monopolize your facial hair yet still offers an edgy and bold look. If you really want to turn heads, consider pairing your chin braid with a hair tie and beads at the end.

Braided Mustache

Braiding your mustache into your beard ensures an even more masculine look. Braided mustaches can require time and patience because you’ll need to wait until this area of hair is long enough to plait. As long as you have the confidence to pull it off, this look won’t go unnoticed.

French Braid Beard

The French braid is the most common and easiest braided beard style to achieve. If you want to French braid your facial hair, you’ll need to define three equally-sized strands and weave them together. We have a complete tutorial below if you want to try it out. French braiding a beard is a classic look all guys will love, but it does require several inches of length to make.

Beard Ponytail

A beard ponytail is a facial hair style that requires putting your beard in a hair tie. You’ll want to start with a long full beard and tie your hair once or twice. The stylish ponytail in your beard adds unique styling for a badass finish.

Beard Braiding Tips

A beard braid is easy to maintain, but consider following these tips to make sure your facial hair is properly groomed and cared for:

  • Nourish your beard with a well-balanced diet. Eat healthy foods rich proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Wash your beard regularly to keep it clean, hydrated, and growing healthy.
  • Moisturize your beard by massaging beard oil into your hair and skin. Beard oil can help reduce itchiness, dandruff, and dry skin.
  • Experiment with different types of beard styles, including a cool braided beard with beads and accessories.
  • Be gentle when braiding your beard and avoid tying the strands too tightly or damaging your follicles.