Mutton chops are an exciting beard style that make the most of your sideburns, an otherwise underappreciated part of your facial hair. Also known as a lamb chops beard or pork chop sideburns, the mutton chops beard connects facial hair from your jawline to your sideburns, creating a very masculine look. Not only has the lamb chops facial hair style been popular for centuries, mutton chops are thankfully easy to shave, trim and groom. With so many different types of sideburns and beard styles, guys can grow chops anyway they want!

If old-fashion facial hair is making a come back and you want the ultimate look, this classic beard offers a manly, modern approach that’ll stand out in any crowd. The only question at this point is whether you have what it takes to grow out your beard and sideburns to get the perfect style.

Here are the best mutton chops beard styles to get right now.

Mutton Chops Beard and Sideburns Styles

While a mutton chop beard is unique, the look can be versatile. Because the only requirement for the style is that a guy’s sideburns are left to grow long and full, men have the option of cutting the sides thick or thin, with or without a mustache, a shaved off goatee or not, etc. If you plan to stimulate growth and maintain a healthy beard, you’re going to want to apply oil and brush your facial hair to keep it soft, thick, and kept. After it’s long enough, here are a few ways to trim and shape your mutton chops sideburns.

Friendly Mutton Chops

For instance, a thin strap is called a friendly mutton chops due to it’s sleek, sophisticated look. Similarly, some men couple their mutton chops with a mustache for a more traditional look, while others opt for a more imposing version like Wolverine’s sideburns.

Mutton Chops with No Goatee

Finally, there’s the purest kind of chops – mutton chops with no goatee. This style is ideal for men bothered by facial hair around their mouths and chin or guys who want a distinct stylish look that’ll be different than what everyone else is designing.