The full beard has never been so popular among men. While full beard styles have always been a classic look, growing long, thick facial hair has become the holy grail of masculinity. Whether it’s pairing a thick beard with a slicked back undercut or long beards with long hairstyles, different types of facial hair are the new men’s hairstyle “accessory”. In fact, if you haven’t attempted to grow a beard, you may be missing out on a cool men’s style trend that could transform your look.

With so many ways to style full beards, the real challenge after growing your beard out may be how to trim it. Here’s our guide to the best long beard styles and the stylish hairstyles to wear with them!

Best Full Beard Styles

A big beard can be both a blessing and a curse. Growing a thick beard is no excuse to leave it messy and ungroomed – unless you’re going for a lumberjack look. Otherwise, most classy beards are cut with sharp lines or have some method to the madness. Ultimately, all that matters is that beard, goatee, and/or mustache combination fits your face and hairstyle!

For grooming inspiration and design ideas, see our gallery of full beard styles below!

Long Full Beard + Messy Medium Length Hair

Short Full Beard + Tapered Sides + Textured Top

Long Hair + Beard

Brushed Up Hair + Full Beard Stubble

Long Thick Beard + Long Mustache

Cool Groomed Beard + Fade + Textured Comb Over