I hope you agree with me if I say that maintaining a beard or training beard hair is the most complicated affair.  I mean, from keeping it soft and smooth to shaping it in a particular direction, there are so many duties to perform.

And if you miss out on anything, then it welcomes challenges as follows:

  • Beard Itch
  • Coarse and Scruffy Hair
  • Split Ends
  • Out of Control Beard 
  • Patchy Beard

Fortunately, every problem has a solution.  The effective technique in this article will not only soften your facial hair but also lets you control your beard.

Follow the best practices and witness how easily you can tame the most difficult and stubborn coarse beard hair.

Table of Content:

  1. Wash Your Beard
  2. Use Beard Comb or Brush to Clean Your Beard
  3. Apply Beard Oil to Nourish & Moisturize Your Facial Hair
  4. Use Beard Straightener to Straighten Your Beard
  5. Maintain its Shape by Applying Beard Balm
  6. Wear Your Favorite Beard & Mustache Style By Applying Beard Wax
  7. Trim Your Beard with Scissor or Trimmer
  8. FAQs
  9. Conclusion

Wash Your Beard

Washing your beard will benefit you in two ways.  One is it will hydrate your hairs, and the other is it removes all the dirt particles.  Make sure you use a quality beard wash, soap, or shampoo to clean your facial hair.

Also, you must use lukewarm water and not hot water to wash. It can damage the beard follicles.  You can use a conditioner specifically made for the beard.  Doing this will deeply cleanse your beard.  

Do not use ordinary conditioner or shampoo as it can deplete your skin producing natural oil.

Use Beard Straightener to Straighten Your Beard

A few years ago, it was difficult to tame and control the wiry, coarse beards.  Previously, people used to take shower, then use the dryer, and then nourish a beard with beard oil.

The process was a time-consuming task, and the results were not up to the expectations.  Looking at this as a problem and opportunity both, beard straighteners were invented.

Now, you might think about how to use a straightener on facial hair?

Here are the steps to effectively straight the stray hairs.

  • Heat the straightener brush by plugging in
  • Select the heat setting
  • Now simply brush in a downward direction
  • This way, heat will do its job incredibly well

All it just takes a few minutes to straighten your beard without damaging the follicles.

Apply Beard Oil to Nourish & Moisturize Your Facial Hair

Beard oil is a mixture of carrier and essential oils.  Both oils have a specific purpose to offer.  While essential oils cater to offering a pleasant and manly scent, the carrier oils make sure your beard and skin underneath get proper nourishment.

If you use beard oil, then it will keep your skin and beard fresh and healthy throughout the day.  Also, it will soften your beard and fill it with all the vitamins and minerals essential to it.  This way, you would be easily able to comb your beard hairs and shape them the way you want.

And not only beard oil, but you can also use beard conditioning or lotion. No matter what grooming product you use, but you must make sure that you coat both your beard and skin underneath.  After coating, use a beard comb to distribute the oil evenly.

Train Your Unruly Beard With Comb or Brush

Taming a bushy beard becomes difficult if it has tangles and knots.  And it becomes necessary to free the whiskers from such hassles. 

Beard combs help in evenly spreading the beard oil or balm on the whiskers.  It will remove dead skin cells, dirt, debris, and even balm clumps from your facial hair.  

Combing should not be harsh or painful as it can cause hair fall or loss.  You may carry a pocket-size comb to control your wild beard.  

Undoubtedly, a beard comb is inferior to a beard brush and even more to a straightener.  So, you should expect a world of difference.  Just it should direct your bushy beard.

Maintain its Shape by Applying Beard Balm

Another beard conditioning product is a beard balm.  However, the consistency is thicker than beard oils as it contains butter and waxes along with natural oils.  By applying beard balm, you make sure that you tame your strands and shape them in a position.

Beard balms also allow you to wear any beard style.  Also, it is one of the grooming things that can shape your beard hairs.  It is also known as a styling product.  

Beard balms protect your beard and skin beneath it.  Furthermore, it even locks the moisture so that you stay free from the pain and hassles.  

Using the beard balm is quite simple.  Take a dime size in your palms and emulsify it.  After it melts in your hands, coat your beard with it.  You can apply beard balm in an upward motion from the chin area to the surface of the skin.

This way, all the facial hairs will get sufficient balms and it’s nutrients.

Wear Your Favorite Beard & Mustache Style By Applying Beard Wax

Beard wax is one step ahead of other beard products, which you can introduce when after using everything, your strands remain out of control.  The wax content is almost similar to beard balms but has a high-concentration of beeswax.

Beard wax stands different from other products when it comes to training your beard.  The additional ingredient it includes is lanolin.  It will add more hold to the tough whiskers or strands.

To easily shape and coat your stubborn beards, follow the steps:

  • Scoop out a thumbnail size beard wax
  • Sometimes you may need warm water or blow-dry to melt it
  • After you take it out, start spreading it in your hands
  • Coat the beard with beard wax and shape it in the direction

Trim Your Beard with Scissor or Trimmer

Before you plan to trim, first check the stubborn strands.  It is the best practice to avoid losing the soft and smooth beards.  It doesn’t promise you to eliminate problems from roots, but at least tames the hair present on the face.

This way, you can maintain your facial mane without hampering the style.  Use quality trimming scissors for cutting down the stiff and coarse hairs. Also, do not overdo it or trim the maximum length.