Every bearded man knows that bad weather, especially on rainy days, can be the worst enemy for the beard hair. And it doesn`t really matter whether you`ve got a short or long beard, it’s vitally important to remember that your beard wellbeing is entirely dependent on you and your day-to-day beard care routine.

Beards and Humidity

If the climate around you is getting wetter or it’s starting to rain, be ready to protect your beard from this harsh environment. Don`t forget that beard hair is significantly affected by the presence of water because hair is mostly made of keratin which gets weaker when it’s wet. Hair tends to absorb quite a lot of water relative to its weight and that water ruins the bonds between keratin chains that comprise the internal structure of each hair. It happens when water breaks down the natural hydrogen bonds in the hair that connect these keratin chains. So, this fact explains why your beard can be easily reshaped into different ways when it’s wet while dry hair is commonly very hard to restyle into another style.

If you`ve got curly beard hair, of course, you’re afraid of rainy weather! How to straighten beard or how to straighten curly beard hair are the questions that go through your mind if it rains because your well-groomed beard immediately turns into a messy mass of hair and it looks less attractive!

So you should always keep in mind that getting wet can be very damaging for your beard (no matter you`ve got a short, long or curly beard). When your beard gets wet, especially in the rainy season,  it gets weaker and will tend to fall out much easier.

4 Ways that Help You Protect Your Beard from Rain

Well, if you don’t want your beard getting scraggly, messy and thin because of high humidity, you should know how to protect your facial hair from the ravages of rainy days. Here are 4 effective ways that can help you.


One of the simplest ways that can help you protect your facial hair from the damaging effects of unexpected rain is to keep a portable umbrella always with you wherever you go.

Wide-Brimmed Hat

This is a trendy beard protection solution. Wearing a wide brim hat, you can really keep the rain off your face and protect your facial hair from the negative impact of rainwater. Moreover, you`ll look very stylish if you use this particular way of the beard protection.


Another effective way is to use a scarf for the wet weather. You can always keep a fashionable scarf covered around your collar, even if the weather is fine. But as soon as you feel the first raindrops, you can wrap your beard and keep it cozy, dry and warm.

Raincoat with Oversized Hood

It may happen that you have to go out in the rain. So, don`t worry! Even in the case when you have to walk in the pouring rain, you can keep your beard safe. Just wear a raincoat with an oversized hood that will cover your chin and keep your beard protected.
Well, the weather can not only ruin your plans but also damage your beard hair. With these 4 easy ways, you always have the opportunity to prevent this and make it so that the rain never touches your beard.